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“A world in which every disease can be cured, prevented or managed”


Discovery Ventures is a healthcare venture capital fund partnering with pioneers in a mission to discover the cure to unsolved diseases. Discovery acts as a catalyzer, funding scientific capabilities available today to cure, prevent or manage unsolved diseases.


Invest in the most talented people and best technology endeavors to discover the solution to cure, prevent or manage disorders that are uncurable today.

Gene Therapy

Our Focus

The potential of contemporary biological technology in areas such gene therapy, stem cells, nanotechnology and bionics, together with the genomic and digital data, is tremendous: it can lead to discoveries that allow to correct disorders that previously seemed intractable. These technologies have shown readiness to cure diseases by achieving impactful FDA approvals.

We focus on technology enabled solutions that show a high potential to definitively cure a disease. We actively invest in the most talented people and in breakthrough companies and projects using these technologies with the goal to obtain a definitive cure for unsolved diseases.